I use MDJM to manage Photobooth enquiries from my Website.

The main benefits for me are:

  • Dynamic Contact Forms that populate a customer database
  • I can move enquiries through stages from enquiry to booking confirmation
  • I can automatically send customers auto response emails with text and pictures customised to their event using shortcodes
  • I can send emails to customers from within the plugin using their contact details
  • Contract signing
  • My google calendar is updated automatically with enquiries and confirmations

I have never being double booked which is a blessing

Fran Tully

Frans Photobooth

MDJM provides us with a tool to run our mobile laser tag business efficiently. From the initial contact forms and the automatic creation of events, MDJM  allows us to track and manage leads through to the completion of an event.  Using MDJM we are able to provide responsive and actionable interaction, through emails and the Client Zone, to our clients that gives them confidence in our services. The fact that we can use a system designed for Disc Jockeys for our laser tag business speaks to the customization capability of the core plugin and add-ons.

The support provided has been first class. In addition to the traditional software support for new features, bugs, software conflict, etc. we have had active support in adapting MDJM to answer specific needs. For example, with MDJM’s support help and by building on the systems open architecture, we have morphed the Play List feature to an RSVP package for our clients.

If you run a mobile business take a look at MDJM; it is not only for Disc Jockeys.

Peter Rossi


This tool is an absolute must have for running you own Mobile DJ business. Its provides clients all the tools to manage their own booking. Which I have found as a massive selling point for us! It manages the whole process from start to finish seamlessly. The whole plugin is user friendly, works great with WordPress and can be customised to your own requirements. I recommend to all my fellow DJs and Mike is great for on going support and new ideas. No need to hesitate! This is the tool for you.

Niall MacMillan

Big Bear Little Bear Entertainment

After a lot of searching around for software which might help stream line my new business, I discovered MDJM.  I’ve been using MDJM for a few months now and can’t fault it. It is exactly what I needed. I run a Photo Booth Business and having this WordPress plugin fit into my site with little configuration was a dream. The customisable automated responses it can send, maintains my professionalism with clients. Their enquiries are dealt with, with a click of a few buttons – it saves me valuable time in responding and organisation.  The price point is great for me, there are other software options out there, but for a newly setup business I needed something affordable. This is perfect for me. Support for this plugin is first class too. I’m excited to see how this develops as theres upgrades happening all the time. Mike’s got something pretty good going on here, it comes highly recommended by The Ultimate Party Pod.com Photo Booth Services.

Carl Greenham

Ultimate Party Pod

This plugin is amazing! It does what it is supposed to do by letting your business look even more professional. No more hassle on sending emails messages you are already fully booked. No more taking up time setting up a whole quote on a document. Best plugin ever! and the support is fantastic!

Sean Samwell

Samwell Events

This plugin has done exactly what I wanted it to do.

The support from the creator Mike has been exceptionally good.

Would highly recommend.

Steven Thompson

Popular Parties

Great plugin. I use it about 5 months and must say it’s perfect system for DJ management.

Petr Knap

KV Production