MDJM includes a vast number of advanced features from the moment you download and install the plugin.

Our add-ons also unlock additional features and functionality.

Feature Description
Client Portal Your clients can manage their event directly from your website
Unlimited Employees No restrictions on the number of employees
Employee Roles Restrict what employees can see and do by assigning roles.
Availability Checker Allows clients to check your availability for their event date. Employees can also add holidays and time off
Finance Management Tracks all incoming and outgoing costs. Accept payments directly on your website with the payment gateway add-on options
Wordflow Automation Automatically generates client communication emails during various stages of an events life cycle based upon pre-defined templates
Detailed Reporting Track earnings, outgoings, most popular event types, most used equipment, employee events, enquiry sources and more
Digital Contract Signing Clients can review and digitally sign event contracts securely via your website
Task Automation Various automated tasks can be configured to automate processes. Such as payment reminders to clients
Email Tracking Tracks and logs all event related emails and allowing you to see if your email has been opened
Travel Costs Calculates the route, distance and cost of travel to and from an event and can be configured to auto add to the overall event cost
Packages & Add-ons Create Inventories of your equipment, create packages and showcase them on your website
Easily Customisable Based on a template system so that all pages and content can be amended easily