Employee Event Payments

For some time you’ve been able to manage incoming and outgoing transactions within MDJM, and see how much you are making from each of your events but the one item that has always been missing was Employee payments.

Not any more…

With the release of version 1.3.4 we have introduced the ability to track the payments you need to make to yourself, and your employees after working an event.

Transactions are created and put into a “Pending” state as soon as you add an employee to an event. If that employee, or their wage for the event, gets updated, the transaction is updated as well. If an event is cancelled for any reason, the transaction’s status is updated to Cancelled.

You decide what status an event needs to be in before a payment to the employees can be finalised and you can then either click the button on the events page to make the payments, or allow MDJM to take care of it all for you during its complete events scheduled task.

Once the payments are made, the associated transactions are updated and their status is set to “Completed”.

Now… if only these payments were actually sent to the employees by way of your chosen payment gateway… Watch This Space!

Checkout the following video for a brief overview of the Employee Event Payments feature…

Customising Client Notices

When a client completes an action via the Client Zone, more often than not a notice is displayed on the screen to confirm that the action was completed.

Contract Signed Client Notice

To customise these messages, you need to hook into the mdjm_messages filter. Before doing so, you need the name of the messages you wish to customise. You can obtain this via your browsers address bar after completing an action (&mdjm_message=contract_signed for example), or from the file /includes/misc-functions.php. Search for the mdjm_messages function.

Let’s go ahead and customise the contract_signed message that is displayed above.

Now, when the client sign’s their contract, the notice they see on the screen will be displayed as;

Customised Contract Signed Client Notice

To change the style of the notice, you can adjust the class above to your own custom CSS class.


Replacing the Term ‘Event’

MDJM Event Management is exactly that, an Event Management tool, however you may choose to use a different term than Event and in doing so, you will want your new term used throughout the admin and front end (Client Zone) pages rather than seeing the term Event.

Let’s assume that rather than using the term Event, your business uses Party and you want Party or Parties to be used throughout your website.

You can accomplish this by adding the following code into your themes functions.php file.