PayPal Standard

The MDJM PayPal Standard add-on allows businesses collect payments for events directly from your website via the MDJM Client Zone.

Payments can be collected for an event deposit, balance or a user specified part payment towards the event cost.

MDJM will communicate securely with the PayPal Gateway APIs to process payments and upon confirmation that a payment has been authorised, log the transaction within MDJM and update your event accordingly. We’ll even capture the fees that PayPal charge for processing the payment and log a separate transaction against the event to truly capture your earnings.

Features Include

  • Full IPN integration with PayPal
  • Events are fully updated with the payment details
  • Transactions are fully recorded
  • Configure custom actions to be taken once a payment is received
  • Fully customisable payments page template


MDJM PayPal Standard requires;

  • MDJM Event Management version 1.3.8 or higher
  • WordPress version 4.4 or higher
  • PHP version 5.4 or higher
£25.00 – £70.00
  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled