PayPal Payment Method Discontinued

As part of the change of ownership of MDJM and streamlining the payments, as of today we will no longer be accepting payments via PayPal in favour of Stripe only. We plan to reveal more about this in future with some big changes we have planned for the plugin and paid extensions.

Any users with a current recurring subscription that have paid with PayPal will have had their recurring subscription cancelled to prevent it renewing.

Please do not panic if you have received an email about this, your subscription is still valid until the end date. This is just a precaution to prevent PayPal renewing subscriptions.

If you have any issues please submit a support ticket and we’ll do our best to help.


Enhancements! Enhancements! Enhancements!

If you have an enhancement or new feature that you would like included in the plugin



You can add your suggestions and vote on suggestions other users have made on our forum

Preparing for New Release 1.6

We are happy to announce that we are currently working on a new release for the plugin (version 1.6.0). Which is expected mid to late October (Possibly with a interim minor release of 1.5.8 before the end of the summer).

We need your assistance!

MDJM Event Management is under new management and as newbies to the plugin it has taken as a while to get our head round it and we are not aware of all of it’s Bugs, issues or problems.

This is where you come in, we would like you to report any Bugs, issues or problems that you have discovered while using the plugin to our new forum under the section of ‘Report a Bug’:

Black Friday Offers

Black Friday

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Stripe Payments Add-on

MDJM Stripe Gateway Payments

Stripe Payments enables you to accept event payments via Credit/Debit cards within the MDJM Client Zone with the client never having to leave your website.

Payments can be collected for an event deposit, balance or a user specified part payment towards the event cost.

Stripe Payments will communicate securely with the Stripe Gateway APIs to process payments and upon confirmation that a payment has been authorised, log the transaction within MDJM and update your event accordingly. We’ll even capture the fees that Stripe charge for processing the payment and log a separate transaction against the event to truly capture your earnings.

Features Include

  • Accepts all major Credit/Debit cards
  • Full secure API integration with Stripe
  • Customer never leaves your website
  • Supported in 25 countries (and growing)
  • Cheaper fees than PayPal
  • Events are fully updated with the payment details
  • Transactions are fully recorded
  • Configure custom actions to be taken once a payment is received
  • Fully customisable payments page template

Employee Event Payments

For some time you’ve been able to manage incoming and outgoing transactions within MDJM, and see how much you are making from each of your events but the one item that has always been missing was Employee payments.

Not any more…

With the release of version 1.3.4 we have introduced the ability to track the payments you need to make to yourself, and your employees after working an event.

Transactions are created and put into a “Pending” state as soon as you add an employee to an event. If that employee, or their wage for the event, gets updated, the transaction is updated as well. If an event is cancelled for any reason, the transaction’s status is updated to Cancelled.

You decide what status an event needs to be in before a payment to the employees can be finalised and you can then either click the button on the events page to make the payments, or allow MDJM to take care of it all for you during its complete events scheduled task.

Once the payments are made, the associated transactions are updated and their status is set to “Completed”.

Now… if only these payments were actually sent to the employees by way of your chosen payment gateway… Watch This Space!

Checkout the following video for a brief overview of the Employee Event Payments feature…

MDJM Version 1.3 Released

I’m pleased to announce that the latest update to the MDJM Event Management plugin is now available. Download Now.

This particular release excites me more than any previous releases as we have introduced some major functionality that will help MDJM become the #1 choice in event management solutions on WordPress.

[heading element=”h2″ style=”bordered” remove_margins=”bottom”]Employee Roles & Permissions[/heading] [row] [col size=”8″]

Our employee interface now allows for new roles to be created and multiple roles to be assigned to your employees. This enables you to distinguish against perhaps a photographer, a DJ or whatever roles your employees have within your business.

Additionally, multiple employees can be assigned to an event.

On the permissions side we’ve made some significant changes. Each role can now be assigned granular permissions which determine what functionality they have within the MDJM Event Management plugin once they are logged in. Restrict some roles to just view their own event, others to view all, some to be able to create clients, add venues, view finances, and others not. The list is pretty extensive.

Another enhancement here is the ability to restrict WordPress admins from being admins over MDJM and therefore being able to see all your business data. Now, your web developer now longer has access to any of the MDJM modules, unless you specifically say so.

[/col] [col size=”4″]

Granular Permissions


[/col] [/row] [heading element=”h2″ style=”bordered” remove_margins=”bottom”]Theme Templates[/heading] [row] [col size=”8″]

Another biggie for me is the introduction of templates for front end content delivery. In the past we’ve struggled to ensure that our Client Zone page layouts remain compatible with the thousands of themes available for WordPress. Now that’s all changed with the introduction of templates.

Using WordPress Child Themes combined with the MDJM Content Tags you can now fully customise the look, feel and data displayed on each and every Client Zone page.

By simply copying the default templates to your [child] theme directory, you can make as many changes as needed and the next time your theme or the MDJM plugin is updated, your changes will remain in tact. You can even copy across the default css file. This really does open up a whole new range of possibilities for how you display and present information to your clients.

It also means that theme designers can now write themes specifically for MDJM. If you’re interested in doing just that, I would love to hear from you.

[/col] [col size=”4″]

Theme Templates

[/col] [/row] [heading element=”h2″ style=”bordered” remove_margins=”bottom”]Additional Updates[/heading]

As well as a bunch of bug fixes, version 1.3 also ships with many more enhancements including…

[row] [col size=”4″]

Easily Accessible Statistics

From the moment you login you have important statistics visible to advise you how you are performing Month to Date, Year to Date and in comparison to the previous year.

[/col] [col size=”4″]

More Content Tags

Even more content tags added to make displaying dynamic content quick and easy on any page.

[/col] [col size=”4″]

Better use of WordPress Taxonomies

Playlist Categories and Enquiry Sources are now custom taxonomies enabling better reporting.

[/col] [/row] [row] [col size=”4″]

Developer Friendly Code
Well formatted and documented code with a large number of hooks to enable developer customisations and integrations.
[/col] [col size=”4″]

Settings API

Hook into our settings API to easily add settings for your MDJM extension with just a few lines of code.

[/col] [col size=”4″]

Playlist Entries are Posts

We’ve removed the custom database table that stored playlist entries and imported all your entries as WordPress posts for better integration.

[/col] [/row] [row] [col size=”4″]

Improved Event Filters

Easily filter your events listings by date, type, client, and employee.

[/col] [/row]

View the full changelog for this release.